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International Journal of Poultry Science

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Response of Broiler Chicks to Graded Levels of Alphamune G Supplementation

S.A. Bolu, V. Ojo, B.A. Oyeleke, A.O. Ajiboye, A. Baa Sambo and O. Oluyemi
Department of Animal Production, University of Ilorin, Nigeria
Abstract :

study was conducted on 120 day-old broiler chicks fed graded levels of Alphamune G (0, 0.4, 0.5
and 0.6%) in a Completely Randomized Design. The experiment was conducted for 8 weeks. Feed intake
and weight gain were significantly influenced (p<0.05) by the inclusion levels of Alphamune G. Broiler chicks fed 0.4% inclusion level of Alphamune G had the highest weight gain (35.85 g) with the least feed to gain ratio (2.36). Carcass characteristics also revealed broiler chicks on 0.4% inclusion of Alphamune G to be significantly better than the control diet in weight of keel, drumstick and thigh (20.65, 13.79 and 12.22 g,
respectively). Heamatological values did not show any significant effect (p>0.05) except in PCV value where
0.4% inclusion of Alphamune had significantly lower value (31.00%). However all values fall within the normal range. Histological studies revealed morphological changes in broilers fed Alphamune G supplemented diet viz- a-viz the control diet. Alphamune G at 0.4% inclusion in diets of broilers may help improve performance.

Keywords :
Aphamune G, broilers, diets

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