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International Journal of Poultry Science

Avian Influenza in Nigeria: Suggestions for Eradication

M. Anaeto and G. Chioma
Department of Agriculture, Babcock University, Ilishan-Remo, Ogun State, Nigeria
Abstract :

Avian Influenza is a disease caused by the highly pathogenic H5N1 virus. The disease has spread
through Europe, Asia and has reached Nigeria-the first African country to record the disease in February,
2006. To date, only one human case has been reported in the country. However, the viral scare almost
paralyzed the poultry industry in the country. The economic impact of the disease cannot be under-estimated and efforts should be geared towards curtailing the spread. Hence, this paper reviews and present updates on bird flu, its zoonotic impact and seeks to elucidate some of the best practices to help in the eradication of this pandemic disease.

Keywords :
Bird flu (H5N1), control measures, economic impact, zoonotic impact, Nigeria

Date Deposited : 14 Jul 2011 13:29

Last Modified : 14 Jul 2011 13:29

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Volume 6, Number 5, - 2007 , ISSN 1682-8356

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