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Endoscopic laminoforaminoplasty success rates for treatment of foraminal spinal stenosis: report on sixty-four cases

Scott M.W. Haufe 1,3, Anthony R. Mork 2,3 , Morgan A. Pyne 3, and Ryan A. Baker 3
1. Chief of Pain Medicine and Anesthesiology 2. Chief of Spine Surgery 3. MicroSpine, DeFuniak Springs, FL 32435, USA
Abstract :

Background: Foraminal stenosis is an important cause of radicular and generalized back pain. In patients who do not respond to conservative interventions, endoscopic spinal surgery provides similar results to open surgical approaches with lower rates of complication, postoperative pain, and shorter duration of hospital stay. Methods: We performed a prospective, open, uncontrolled trial of 64 patients to evaluate
endoscopic laminoforaminoplasty for the treatment of refractory foraminal stenosis. Results: Fifty-nine percent of patients had at least 75% improvement in Oswestry Disability Index (Oswestry) and Visual Analog Scale (VAS) scores. All patients were discharged the day of surgery. Dural leaks occurred in two patients, which were repaired intraoperatively. No other adverse events occurred. Conclusions: Endoscopic laminoforaminoplasty appears to be a safe alternative to open decompression in patients with spinal foraminal stenosis; additional controlled trials are warranted.

Keywords :
endoscopic laminoforaminoplasty, spinal foraminal stenosis, minimally invasive surgery

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Volume 6, Number 2, - 2009 , ISSN 1449-1907

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