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Growth Performance, Carcass and Meat Quality Characteristics of Different Commercial Crosses of Broiler Strains of Chicken

Abdullah Y. Abdullah, Nafez A. Al-Beitawi, Murad M.S. Rjoup, Rasha I. Qudsieh, and Majdi A. A. Ishmais
Department of Animal Production, Faculty of Agriculture, Jordan University of Science and Technology, Jordan
Abstract :

A total of 840 male and female birds of Lohman, Hubbard JV, Hubbard classic, and Ross strains were reared from day 1 to 43 to evaluate growth performance, carcass and meat quality traits as influenced by strain, gender, and age at slaughter. All birds were randomly distributed into three pens (35 chicks/pen) for each strain×gender group. At 8, 22, 36, and 43 days of age, 5 birds from each pen were randomly selected and slaughtered. Results showed that Hubbard classic birds had higher (P<0.05) final body weight, overall average daily gain, and most efficient overall feed conversion ratio. Males had higher (P<0.05) overall body weight, average daily gain, and feed intake when compared to females. Female birds had higher (P<0.05) breast cut percentage at 8, 22, and 36 days, and lower leg cut percentage at 22 and 36 days compared to males. Genotype influenced (P<0.05) abdominal fat percentage where Lohman strain had the highest percentage at all slaughter ages. Cooking loss percentage was higher (P=0.0524) for males than females and shear force values were influenced (P<0.05) by strain where meat from Ross was tougher than meat from any other strain, yet generally meat from all strains was considered to be tender. In conclusion, Hubbard classic birds are the most economic of the four strains investigated in this study by having higher growth performance than the other strains tested. However, dressing percentage and meat quality parameters were comparable among the four strains investigated.

Keywords :
broiler strain, carcass quality, growth performance, meat quality

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Volume 47, Number 1, - 2010 , ISSN 1349-0486 (online), ISSN 1346-7395 (print)

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