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Childhood Febrile Seizures: Overview and Implications

Tonia Jones, Steven J. Jacobsen
Research and Evaluation, Kaiser Permanente Southern California, Pasadena, CA 91101, USA
Abstract :

This article provides an overview of the latest knowledge and understanding of childhood febrile seizures. This review also discusses childhood febrile seizure occurrence, health services utilization and treatment costs. Parental reactions associated with its occurrence and how healthcare providers can assist parents with dealing effectively with this potentially frightening and anxiety-producing event are also discussed.

Keywords :
childhood febrile seizure, parental reaction, anxiety, health services utilization, parental education

Date Deposited : 28 Jul 2011 13:03

Last Modified : 28 Jul 2011 13:03

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Volume 4, Number 2, - 2007 , ISSN 1449-1907

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