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Ola, F. A. Talkhan**; Mervat E. I. Rdwan.*; Ali. M. A**
* Veterinary Hospital –Benha University **Animal Health Research Institute, Shebin El-kom.
Abstract :


Members of genus babesia are tick transmitted intra erythrocytes proto zoon parasites, many species 
are  of considerable economic importance in live stock industry, additionally some species are  zoonotic and  affected on human health, so this investigation performed to differentiated between traditional and some modern  methods for diagnosis of bovine babesiosis, a total of 100 animals from private farms located in different places  in Kalubia aged from 1-3 years the samples were collected from clinically infected animals that suffered from  fever (41 C°)  , Anorexia, depression, weakness,  pale mucos membrane,  emaciation, weight loss  hemoglobin  urea with accelerate heart and respiratory rates and animals appearan healthy in contact with this animals,  laboratory examination two  blood samples were collected from each  animals from juglar vein samples with  anticoagulant for blood film stain and PCR while second without anticoagulant for biochemical the result of our  study revealed a great significant Increase in urea , creatinine, AST, Alt and globulin in clinical cases of babesia  bigemina but non significant changes in sub clinical  cases Also the result revealed significant increase in serum 
iron ,Total iron  binding capacity transfferin total protein, However There are  non significant increase in 
albumin and A/G ration. 2010;8(3):29-36]. (ISSN: 1545-0740)
Keywords :
Babesiosis, Cattle, Early diagnosis, Pathogenic Alteration

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Volume 8, Number 3, March 2010 , ISSN 1545-0740

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