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Associations between somatic cell score of milk and fertility traits in Polish Holstein-Friesian cows

Ma³gorzata Morek-Kope, Andrzej ¯arnecki2, Wojciech Jagusiak11
1 University of Agriculture in Cracow, Al. Mickiewicza 24/28, 30-059 Cracow, Poland 2 National Research Institute of Animal Production, Cracow/Balice, 32- 083 Cracow, Poland
Abstract :

The study aimed at estimating the association between somatic cell score (SCS) and two  ertility traits: non-returns to oestrus by 56 days (NR56), and number of days from calving to first
insemination (CFI). The data were records of 298,016 test-day observations from 190,279 first and second lactation of Polish Holstein-Friesian (PHF) cows. The model used to evaluate the effect of preceding test-day SCS on NR56 included random herd effect and fixed effects of parity, year of calving, lactation stage at first insemination, month of first insemination, interval between preceding test-day and day of first insemination, and linear regression of NR56 on SCS. A similar model including fixed effects of parity, year of calving, month of first  insemination, linear and quadratic regressions of CFI on SCS, and random herd effect was applied to analyse the relation between test-day SCS and CFI. All fixed effects except the number of days from preceding test-day to first insemination significantly affected NR56. Fixed effects included in the linear model for CFI analysis, i.e. parity, year of calving, and month of first insemination, were also significant. Negative regression coefficients of NR56 on preceding test-day SCS, by interval between day of preceding test and first insemination, showed that within each interval an increase in test-day SCS caused a decrease in the non-return rate. The significant linear and quadratic regressions of CFI on SCS indicate that high SCS might delay the first insemination.

Keywords :
dairy cows / fertility / insemination / lactation / non-return rate / somatic cell score

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Volume 27, Number 1, - 2009

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