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Body and carcass measurements and organ weights of Lithuanian indigenous pigs and their wild boar hybrids

Violeta Razmaite1*, Sigita Kerziene2, Virginija Jatkauskiene1
1 Department of Animal Breeding and Genetics, Institute of Animal Science of Lithuanian Veterinary Academy, R. ژebenkos 12, LT-82317 Baisogala, Radviliڑkis distr., Lithuania 2 Department of Social Sciences and Informatics,Lithuanian Veterinary Academy, Tilzes 18, LT-47181 Kaunas, Lithuania
Abstract :

With the aim to investigate a possibility of supporting conservation of Lithuanian indigenous pigs
(LIW) their external body and carcass measurements were compared with their wild boar (WB)
hybrids to see whether crossing can improve the quality of pork, which in purebreds is inferior to
other breeds. Depending on the proportion of WB in the crosses (1/4 or 1/2) purebred pigs were
respectively 3.2 cm and 4.3 cm shorter at withers (P<0.05). Correspondingly, hind feet in 1/4 WB
and 1/2 WB genotypes were 1.8 cm and 2.2 cm longer (P<0.05) whereas ear length was shorter by
1.9 cm and 3.0 cm (P<0.05) in the hybrid pigs. LIW pigs tended to have longer body and shorter
snouts than hybrids (0.05<P<0.10). The body shape of hybrid pigs was more rounded than body of
purebred pigs but only pigs from 1/2 WB genotype had larger body circumference. Weights of head,
feet, leaf fat and organs including heart, spleen, lungs were higher but the size of the gastro-intestinal
tract was smaller in hybrids than in LIW. Crossing of LIW pigs with WB decreased carcass length
but increased backfat thickness in 1/2 WB genotype (P<0.05). The gender effect was less pronounced
at the studied range of ages. The main benefit of crossing, though statistically insignificant, was the
increase of rib eye area in hybrid genotypes with increasing WB proportion.

Keywords :
carcass / conformation / hybrid / native pigs / wild boar

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Volume 27, Number 4, - 2009

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