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.: Home > Animal Science Papers and Reports > 2009 > Volume 27 Number 4 > Wojciech Kapelaٌski1*, Anna Hammermeister2, Salomea Grajewska1, Maria Bocian1, Joanna Wiœniewska1

Effect of pre-slaughter handling on body weight loss and carcass and meat quality in crossbred fatteners

Wojciech Kapelaٌski1*, Anna Hammermeister2, Salomea Grajewska1, Maria Bocian1, Joanna Wiœniewska1
1 Department of Pig Breeding, University of Technology and Live Sciences in Bydgoszcz, Mazowiecka 28, 85-084 Bydgoszcz, Poland 2 Polish Association of Pig Breeders and Producers “POLSUS” Ry؟owa 90, 02-495 Warsaw, Poland
Abstract :

In three successive trials the effects were evaluated of different variants of pre-slaughter handling of pigs on their carcass and meat quality in relation to RYR1 genotypes. Considered were 309 TORHYB crossbred fatteners [(Polish Large White پ~ Polish Landrace) پ~ Pietrain]. Pre-slaughter transport of fatteners was employed on a distance of 30 vs. 100 km during one or four hours, respectively. Then the animals were slaughtered without giving them any rest, i.e. within an hour from unloading, or after 24-h rest in lairage space with bedding and access to food and water. The body weight loss during pre-slaughter treatment of animals was recorded and carcass value and meat quality traits were assessed in details. No significant differences in body weight loss were identified among the analysed groups of pigs of CC, CT and TT RYR1 genotypes transported over 30 km and slaughtered within an hour from unloading (1.67%, 1.27% and 1.82%, respectively). Compared to 30 km distance, transport over 100 km caused the higher body weight loss (2.09% vs. 1.16%; P.0.01) and higher carcass weight loss during chilling (2.04 vs. 0.88%; P.0.01). The diurnal lairage was found to be unfavourable as it led to the body weight loss two times higher than in pigs slaughtered without lairage (2.92 vs. 1.20%) and lowered meat quality in stresssusceptible animals (RYR1 CT).

Keywords :
body weight loss / carcass weight loss / meat quality / pig transport / pre-slaughter handling /

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Volume 27, Number 4, - 2009

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