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Slaughter value of once-bred gilts vs. their littermates fattened according to common standards

Wojciech Kapelaٌski**, Milena Biegniewska
Department of Pig Breeding, University of Technology and Life Sciences in Bydgoszcz, Mazowiecka 28, 85-084 Bydgoszcz, Poland
Abstract :

Used were two groups of crossbred littermate gilts. Group A gilts (n = 34) were slaughtered after
rearing their first litter, while group B (n = 39) were gilts fattened according to the procedure
commonly used in pig production, and then slaughtered at about 106 kg body weight (BW). At
slaughter, significantly older were gilts A than gilts B (371.03 vs. 179.64 days). BW at slaughter was
153.50 kg in group A and 106.77 kg in group B (P.0.01). Lean content of carcass reached 53.36%
in A and 54.77% in B group. Highly significant differences were found in backfat thickness over
last rib (1.21 cm in A and 1.87 cm in B gilts), and over sacrum II (1.34 cm in A vs 1.73 cm in B
gilts). Significant differences for mean from five backfat measurements were identified between the
groups: 2.01 cm in A vs. 2.36 cm in B group. Comparative analysis showed higher weight of ham
(13.88 vs. 9.45 kg), and slightly lower meat content of ham (68.13% vs. 70.79%), respectively, in A
and B gilts (P<0.01). The results obtained showed that first farrowing gilts did not differ in slaughter
traits from standard gilt fatteners. Their certain carcass indicators seem to be even higher.

Keywords :
carcass / fattener gilts / once-bred gilts / gilts / slaughter value

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Volume 27, Number 4, - 2009

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