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.: Home > Animal Science Papers and Reports > 2008 > Volume 26 Number 2 > Emilia Mrَz1, Katarzyna Michalak1, Andrzej Faruga1, Jaros³aw O. Horbaٌczuk2, Aneta Or³owska1

Shell microstructure and hatchability of turkey eggs

Emilia Mrَz1, Katarzyna Michalak1, Andrzej Faruga1, Jaros³aw O. Horbaٌczuk2, Aneta Or³owska1
1 Department of Poultry Science, Faculty of Animal Bioengineering, University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn, M. Oczapowskiego 5, 10-719 Olsztyn, Poland 2 Polish Academy of Sciences Institute of Genetics and Animal Breeding, Jastrzêbiec, 05-552 Wَlka Kosowska, Poland
Abstract :

The study aimed at determining the hatchability of turkey eggs as related to the shell surface
characteristics (regular shells, rough shells and pigment-spotted shells – group 1, 2 and 3,
respectively). A total of 17 590 eggs of Broad-breasted White Turkeys, marked individually, were
considered during the peak of the laying season. Shell microstructure was examined of 60 eggs
from each group, using a scanning electron microscope while hatchability was estimated based on
fertilization rate, percentage of dead embryos and hatching rate (healthy poults only).
The main differences between the shells from group 1 and 2 included different size of cuticular
plates, thicker crystal layer, thinner palisade and mammillary layers, curved walls of the mammillae, and thicker fibres of the inner shell membrane. Eggshells from group 3 showed a significantly thicker crystal layer and curving fibres of the inner shell membrane compared to group 1 shells. The hatching rate of set eggs was highest (77.15%) in group 1. Embryo mortality rates were by 4.9 and 5.4 per cent points higher in eggs from groups 2 and 3, respectively, than in eggs from group 1. The hatchabilities of rough-shelled eggs (group 2) and eggs with pigment spots (group 3) appeared lower than of eggs with regular shells (group 1).

Keywords :
turkey / eggshell / hatchability / microstructure

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Volume 26, Number 2, - 2008

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