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Growth rate of sucking chinchilla pups and lactating performance of their dams

Bogus³aw Barabasz*, Stanis³aw £apiٌski
Department of Poultry and Fur Animals Breeding and Zoohygiene, Agricultural University of Cracow, al. Mickiewicza 24/28, 30-059 Cracow, Poland
Abstract :

In a study on the ability to produce milk by chinchilla dams and growth rate of their offspring from
litters of different sizes, the mean birth weight of a neonate was 60.4 g (SD=15.2). Pups born as singles had the highest mean birth weight – 72.2 g (SD=16.9) – compared to 59.5 g (SD=12.6) of individual twins and 49.3 g (SD=5.9) of individual triplets. Pups born as singles were also characterized by the highest body weight gain. The milk yield of dams over the first three weeks of lactation varied depending on litter size and amounted to 281.1, 468.3 and 518.19 g per female with one, two and three pups, respectively. Pearson’s correlation coefficients showed the strong relationship between the milk yield and litter weight on day 14 of lactation (r=0.8; P<0.001).

Keywords :
body weight gain / chinchilla / litter size / litter weight / lactating performance / milk yield

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Volume 26, Number 3, - 2008

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