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Possibility of improvement of lean meat content of ham and loin in pigs by selection for growth and feed conversion rate

Grzegorz ¯ak*, Miros³aw Tyra, Marian Rَ؟ycki
National Research Institute of Animal Production, Sarego 2, 31-047 Krakَw, Poland
Abstract :

The research was carried out using records from the Pig Testing Station of 113 Polish Large White
(PLW) and 120 Polish Landrace (PL) gilts with the aim to determine the effects of growth rate and
feed conversion ratio on the weight and quality of loin and ham defined as lean meat and fat content. Parametres of the tested cuts were assessed on the basis of weight of cuts, weight of lean meat (lean), weight of subcutaneous fat with skin, and percentage of lean and fat content. Based upon the level of indicators of their fattening performance the animals were divided into three groups. The PL pigs occurred more susceptible to the effect of fattening traits on tissue content and at the same time on the quality of carcass cuts. The interrelation has become apparent between loin parametres of PL pigs and their growth rate and between their ham parametres and feed conversion ratio (per 1 kg gain). In many cases the loin parametres examined differed significantly between breeds. Significantly wider variation as regards the composition of tested carcass cuts was found in PLW than in PL gilts. A trend was noted for the deposition of more fat in carcass cuts of pigs with highest and lowest live weight gain.

Keywords :
fattening performance / ham / lean / loin / pigs

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Volume 26, Number 4, - 2008

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