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The effect of breed on freezability of semen of fancy fowl

Anna Siudziٌska, Ewa £ukaszewicz
Department of Poultry Breeding, University of Environmental and Life Sciences of Wroc³aw, Che³moٌskiego 38c, 51-630 Wroclaw, Poland
Abstract :

A simple cryopreservation method described in 1995 by Tselutin et al. was used for freezing the
semen of four fancy fowl breeds: White Crested Black Polish (WCBP), Greenleg Partridge (GP),
Italian Partridge (IP) and Black Minorca (BP). The differences in quality (ejaculate volume,
osmotic pressure, sperm concentration and morphology) of fresh semen between evaluated breeds
were observed, as well as the differences in semen freezability. The freezing-thawing process caused significant (P.0.01) decrease in percentage of live, normal spermatozoa, with coincident increase in percentage of dead spermatozoa and spermatozoa with acrosome defect. In relation to the fresh semen, the number of live, normal spermatozoa that survived cryopreservation procedure
constituted 18.1% in WCBP, 25.1% in GP, 26.2% in IP and 33.6% in BM semen.

Keywords :
cryopreservation / fancy fowl / freezability / semen / sperm

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Volume 26, Number 4, - 2008

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