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The effect of colipase gene (CLPS) polymorphism on selected carcass traits in Polish Large White and Polish Large White × Polish Landrace fatteners

Hanna Jankowiak
Department of Pig Breeding, University of Technology and Life Sciences in Bydgoszcz*, Mazowiecka 28, 85-084 Bydgoszcz, Poland
Abstract :

The study covered 30 purebred Polish Large White (PLW) and 30 crossbred PLW × Polish Landrace
(PLW × PL) fatteners, free of RYR1T gene and reared under standard conditions. The pigs were
slaughtered at a mean live body weight of 105 kg and their carcasses were evaluated according
to the reference method of Walstra and Merkus. The relationship was studied between selected
carcass quality traits and the colipase (CLPS/DdeI) genotype. Within PLW fatteners the animals of
AB genotype showed a significantly thicker backfat than those of genotype AA (3.33 vs. 2.87 cm).
Within crossbreds, meat content of loin was significantly higher in AB than in AA pigs (53.70 and
50.02%, respectively).

Keywords :
carcass quality / colipase gene / gene polymorphism / pigs

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Volume 25, Number 2, - 2007

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