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Mammalian post-natal test of vitality presented on a Bos taurus calves model

Michael Mayntz1, Gra؟yna Sender2
1 Department of Biology and Chemical Engineering, Mنlardalens Hِgskola, SE-631 05 Eskilstuna, Sweden 2 Polish Academy of Sciences, Institute of Genetics and Animal Breeding, 05-552 Wَlka Kosowska, Poland
Abstract :

The behaviour of ten beef and six dairy cow-calf pairs was recorded between birth and first ingestion of colostrum. Effects studied were length, diameter, conicity and distance to the floor of each teat, girth of udder, withers height of each calf, then breed, lactation parity, type of teat grasping and sex. Three teat grasping tactics could be defined: biting, tongue playing and suckling. Effects were grouped, representing cow, calf, udder and teat. Three sub-periods were defined: (i) from end of parturition to the first touch of the standing calf’s head with a teat, affected by lactation parity; (ii) from the first touch of the standing calf’s head with a teat to the first teat was placed longitudinally in the calf’s mouth, affected by teat grasping tactics, and (iii) from the first teat being placed longitudinally in the calf’s mouth to the first ingestion of a substantial volume of colostrum, affected by teat conicity. A vitality evaluation hypothesis (VEH) is presented to explain the functional implications of a surplus of milk and the clumsiness of some individuals to ingest it.

Keywords :
calf / cow / colostrum / fitness / sucking / suckling

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Volume 24, Number 3, - 2006

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