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Meat traits and meat chemical composition in hybrids of Graylag (Anser anser L.) with White Ko³uda and Slovakian geese

Adam Mazanowski1, Zenon Bernacki1, Tomasz Kisiel2
1 Department of Poultry Breeding, University of Technology and Agriculture, Mazowiecka 28, 85-084 Bydgoszcz, Poland 2 Department of Poultry Breeding, National Research Institute of Animal Production, Dworzyska 1, 62-035 Kَrnik, Poland
Abstract :

Evaluated were the meat production traits of hybrid males and females derived from four-way (threebreed) crossing of Graylag (Gr), White Ko³uda (WK) and Slovakian (Sl) geese. Parental males and females were similar within a group, but differed between groups in the direction (type) of crossing the parents. The greatest values of meat production traits, except for meat and fat content of carcass, were characteristic of 12- and 24-week-old SlGrWKSl’SlGrWKSl hybrids (group II). The direction (type) of crossing was shown to affect the values of meat traits in the hybrid geese. This trend was conspicuous in 24-week-old offspring of four-way crosses. WKGrSlSl’WKGrSlSl hybrids (group III) reflected a positive effect of WK males, while SlWKGrSl’SlWKGrSl (group IV) a negative effect of Sl males on body dimensions of the offspring. Good results of body weight, weight of carcass with neck, dressing percentage and elements content of carcass were achieved by 24-week-old hybrids of both sexes from group I (GrWKSlSl’GrWKSlSl) and group II (SlGrWKSl’S1GrWKSl). The weight of breast and leg muscles was significantly and positively correlated with all the body dimensions analysed. Per cent of breast and leg muscles was significantly and positively correlated only with breast bone length and thickness of skin with subcutaneous fat. Simple correlation coefficients between carcass elements and body dimensions in the offspring of four-way crosses justify using them
to raise hybrid Graylag geese. When compared to the other Polish geese breeds and varieties, breast muscles of hybrid Graylag geese contained less water, protein and fat and more ash, while leg muscles contained similar per cent of water, slightly less protein, and more fat and ash.

Keywords :
carcass / crossing / goose / hybrids / meat quality

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Volume 23, Number 1, - 2005

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