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Quality and ultrastructure of eggshell and hatchability of eggs in relation to eggshell colour in pheasants

Stanis³awa Krystianiak, Rados³aw Ko؟uszek, Helena Kontecka, Sebastian Nowaczewski
Department of Poultry Breeding, The August Cieszkowski Agricultural University of Poznaٌ Witosa 45, 61-693 Poznaٌ, Poland
Abstract :

A total of 990 ring-necked pheasant hatching eggs were examined in relation to their shell colour
–dark-brown, light-brown, olive, blue. Eggshell thickness, water vapour conductance and number
of pores per 0,25 cm2 of eggshell were analysed in 285 eggs. Moreover, shell ultrastructure was
examined of six eggs of each colour and three incubation sets were carried out with 681 eggs. Shells of blue eggs were found thinner, had higher water vapour conductance and showed higher density of pores than those of remaining three colours. In addition, structural abnormalities of the blue eggshells were found. Blue eggs were characterized by lower fertilization rate, greater weight loss to day 21 of incubation and poorer hatchability. It is concluded that blue-shelled pheasant eggs should be eliminated when selecting eggs for incubation.

Keywords :
eggshell / hatchability / pheasant / ultrastructure

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Volume 23, Number 1, - 2005

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