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.: Home > Animal Science Papers and Reports > 2005 > Volume 23 Number 2 > Agnieszka Korwin-Kossakowska1, Wojciech Kapelaٌski3, Maria Bocian3, Marian Kamyczek2, Gra؟yna Sender1

Preliminary study of the RBP4, EGF and PTGS2 genes polymorphism in pigs and its association with reproduction traits of sows

Agnieszka Korwin-Kossakowska1, Wojciech Kapelaٌski3, Maria Bocian3, Marian Kamyczek2, Gra؟yna Sender1
1 Polish Academy of Sciences Institute of Genetics and Animal Breeding, Jastrzêbiec, 05-552 Wَlka Kosowska, Poland 2 National Research Institute of Animal Production, Pig Hybridization Centre, Paw³owice, 64-122 Paw³owice, Poland 3 Department of Pig Breeding, University of Technology and Agriculture, Mazowiecka 28, 85-084 Bydgoszcz, Poland
Abstract :

Genes of retinol-binding protein 4 (RBP4), epidermal growth factor (EGF) and prostaglandin-endoperoxide synthase 2 (PTGS2) were examined as candidate genes for reproductive traits in sows. The material included a total of 300 sows of the Polish Landrace (n=86), Polish Large White (n=64) and commercial Line 990 (n=150). Included in the study was the total number of piglets born (TNB), number of piglets born alive (NBA), number of piglets on day 21 of age (NP21), number of piglets weaned (NPW), litter weight on day 21 of age (LW21), litter weight at weaning. (LWW) and farrowing interval (FI). Calculations were based on records available for two farrowings (1st and 2nd) from each sow. The RBP4 genotype was found to have a significant effect on LW21 and LWW (P.0.05 and P.0.01, respectively). No significant effect of this genotype was identified for litter size traits (TNB, NBA). The effect of EGF genotype was found significant on TNB (P.0.01) and NBA (P.0.05). The A/A animals showed the highest reproductive efficiency compared to those of B/B and A/B genotypes. No significant effects of the PTGS2 genotype were found due to a total absence of one of the homozygous genotypes at this locus.

Keywords :
gene polymorphism / reproduction / sow

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Volume 23, Number 2, - 2005

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