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Consumer-relevant aspects of pork quality

Klaus Fischer
Federal Research Centre for Nutrition and Food, Location Kulmbach, Institute for Meat Production and Market Research E.C.-Baumannstraكe 20, D-95326 Kulmbach, Germany
Abstract :

This paper deals with selected consumer-relevant problems with regard to pork quality which have to be solved to achieve high sensory and technological quality of meat. These problems are particularly PSE and DFD deviations, too low intramuscular fat content and too high polyunsaturated fat content of the backfat. Owing to intensive work done by international meat research, their causes and possible solutions are well-known today. Thus, a comprehensive optimization of the meat quality can be achieved through corresponding measures in the management of the animal production (genetics, feeding), in the pre-slaughter treatment of animals, as well as in the slaughtering and chilling technology. Nevertheless, it is often difficult to put these ideas into practice, because the market honours such efforts only hesitantly and sets rather quality harming signals through the still persistent orientation on carcass composition with unchanged preference of very lean carcasses.

Keywords :
DFD fault / fatty acids / intramuscular fat content / pigs / pork quality / PSE fault

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Volume 23, Number 4, - 2005

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