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Hereditary and environmental effects on the quality of beef

Josef Kِgel
Bavarian State Research Centre of Agriculture, Institute for Animal Breeding, Grub, 85580 Poing, Germany
Abstract :

Results of studies on beef production are shown based on fattening and feeding trials with bulls and heifers conducted in the last two decades by the former Bavarian Institute of Animal Production, Grub (near Munich), Germany. The examinations on meat quality were done by the former Federal Institute on Meat Science, Kulmbach, (northern Bavaria), Germany. Also the genetic parametres (variation, heritabilities, genetic correlations) of various meat quality traits are discussed based on records from the two Bavarian progeny test stations. Fattening trials and the test stations records supplied information about the meat quality of the Bavarian dual-purpose breeds and the most important European beef breeds and their crossbreds. The trials also revealed the effect on meat quality of different forages, feeding regimen, slaughter maturity, feeding intensity, category (sex) and castration age. Moreover, some trials showed the effect of varying age at slaughter on beef quality, specially on its tenderness.

Keywords :
beef / cattle / crossing / fattening / meat quality

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Volume 23, Number 4, - 2005

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