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A note on the Bulgarian Danube White pig – reproduction, fattening and slaughter indicators

Bogdan Szostak1, Apostol Apostolov2, Stoicho Slanev2
1 Institute of Agricultural Sciences, Agricultural University of Lublin, Szczebrzeska 102, 22-400 Zamoœو, Poland 2 Agricultural Institute, Simeon Veliki 3, 9700 Shumen, Bulgaria
Abstract :

Danube White (DW) sows are characterized by high fertility (total no. of piglets born) reaching 10.3
and 11.5. piglets in the first and fourth litter, as well as by high no. of piglets born alive – 10.0 and
10.6, respectively. Mean daily live weight gain of DW pigs fattened over a period of 91 days amounts to 780 g, and feed conversion ratio to 3,365 kg/kg gain. The mean backfat thickness from three measurements reaches 25 mm with high coefficient of variation suggesting a need and feasibility of further intensive selection to decrease the trait value. Although DW pigs are recognized as stressresistant (sensitivity to stress appears in 12.2% individuals), periodical control of the spread of Hal+ individuals within the population is suggested, assisted with a proper selection. DW pigs are considered suitable for traditional conditions of maintenance and feeding and thus for production of “ecological” meat.

Keywords :
carcass / Danube White pig / fattening / reproduction / slaughter / stress resitance

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Volume 22, Number 2, - 2004

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