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.: Home > Animal Science Papers and Reports > 2004 > Volume 22 Number 4 > Wojciech Kapelaٌski, Salomea Grajewska, Maria Bocian, Jan Dyba³a, Hanna Jankowiak, Joanna Wiœniewska

Changes in blood biochemical indicators during fattening of the high-lean pigs

Wojciech Kapelaٌski, Salomea Grajewska, Maria Bocian, Jan Dyba³a, Hanna Jankowiak, Joanna Wiœniewska
Department of Pig Breeding, University of Technology and Agriculture, Mazowiecka 28, 85-084 Bydgoszcz, Poland
Abstract :

Investigated were three groups of pigs differing in fat and meat content of carcass: purebred Polish Landrace (PL, n=20), two-breed Stamboek crosses (S, n=39) and three-breed Torhyb crosses (T, n=39). Live weight gain was recorded and the level of blood biochemical indicators determined in the middle and at the end of fattening. Post-slaughter carcass fat and meat content were determined. Significant differences between groups were found in the growth rate during the first fattening stage (P<0.01 and P<0.05). The highest daily gain was attained by PL pigs (1024 g vs 910 g in S and 824 g in T). Also the highest fat content of carcass was found in PL fatteners (19.45% vs 17.58% and 17.19%, respectively; P<0.01). Conversely, Torhyb crosses had the highest lean content of carcass (53.72% vs 51.07% and 51.42%, respectively; P<0.01). Among the serum biochemical indicators analysed (T4, T3, AspAT, ALAT, total protein, urea nitrogen and cholesterol) most differentiated was the cholesterol level during the first fattening stage (102.20 in PL vs 94.00 in Stamboek and 87.49 mg/dl in Torhyb pigs; P<0.01 and P<0.05). The level of AspAT in the second stage of fattening period attained the lowest value in PL pigs (51.85 vs 68.77 and 78.42 IU/L; P<0.01). The results presented indicate a significant relation between fattening and slaughter traits and blood biochemical indicators during the two fattening stages

Keywords :
biochemical indicators / blood / carcass / crossbreds / fattening / pigs

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Volume 22, Number 4, - 2004

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