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Characteristics of pigs raised in Poland in terms of frequency of glucosephosphate isomerase and phosphogluconate dehydrogenase

Anna Kwaczyٌska1, Marian Rَ؟ycki2
1 National Research Institute of Animal Production, Experimental Station Paw³owice, 64-112 Paw³owice, Poland 2 Department of Genetics and Animal Production, National Research Institute of Animal Production, 32-083 Balice/Cracow
Abstract :

A total of 2969 Polish Large White (PLW), Polish Landrace (PL), Hampshire (H), Duroc (D), Pietrain
(P) and Line 990 gilts were considered. Two alleles – A and B – were found at the GPI and PGD loci. In most breeds, except PLW, frequency of the GPIA allele was lower than that of the GPIB. The lowest frequencies of the GPIA allele occurred in the P, H, and PL, and slightly higher in D and Line 990 pigs. Of all the breed groups analysed, D pigs showed the lowest frequency of the PGDA allele. In the other breeds, frequency of the PGDA allele was higher compared to the PGDB allele. Analysis of frequency of GPI genotypes shows that, among the PL, H, D, P and Line 990 breeds, per cent of animals with the GPIA/A was the smallest and that with the GPIB/B genotype the highest. Frequency of the A/A genotype at the PGD locus was high in PLW and H and the lowest in D pigs. Determination of the frequency of genotypes present at both loci at the same time showed that the GPIA/A/PGDB/B genotype hardly ever occurred in any of the breed groups studied.

Keywords :
gene polymorphism / genetic markers / GPI / PGD / pigs

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Volume 22, Number 4, - 2004

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