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Polymorphism in the PRLR/AluI gene and its effect on litter size in Large White sows

Marek Kmieو, Arkadiusz Terman
Department of Genetics and Animal Breeding, Agricultural University of Szczecin, Doktora Judyma 6, 71-466 Szczecin, Poland
Abstract :

The prolactin receptor (PRLR) has been detected in various tissues including brain, ovary, placenta
and uterus of several mammalian species. In the pig, the PRLR gene has been mapped to chromosome 16. This study was aimed to detect the DNA mutations in gene PRLR and to find propable relations between the PRLR genotype and some reproductive traits in sows. The polymorphism in PRLR gene locus was detected using PCR-RFLP method, with specific primers. Digestion of PCR product was performed with 5 I.U. of appropriate restriction endonuclease AluI (MBI Fermentas) for three hours at 37°C. Two PRLR alleles were identified: PRLRA (0.3106) and PRLRB (0.6894), controlling three genotypes: PRLRAPRLRA (0.1030), PRLRAPRLRB (0.4153) and PRLRBPRLRB (0.4817). The results suggest a possibility of using the existing polymorphism in the PRLR/AluI gene to improve certain reproductive performance traits of sows.

Keywords :
gene polymorphism / litter size / prolactin / sows

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Volume 22, Number 4, - 2004

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