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An attempt at analysing the selected traits of body conformation, growth, performance and genetic structure of Lithuanian native ژemaitukai horse, the breed being preserved from extinction

Vale Macijauskiene, Rytis Juras
Lithuanian Institute of Animal Science R. ژebenkos 12, Baisogala, LT-5125, Radviliڑkio raj., Lithuania
Abstract :

Over the last 50 years the traits of valuable indigenous Lithuanian ژemaitukai horse have not been
investigated and during the last decade the breed became on the verge of extinction. Recently certain measures were undertaken to preserve the breed, evaluate its present characteristics and compare them with those reported earlier. Body size and conformation traits of present-day ژemaitukai horse (ژH) were found corresponding or similar to those of the ancient type, showing that many valuable characteristics of the breed are retained. Mares’ milk yield and composition were evaluated, as well as development of foals based on body dimensions. Genetic variation, genetic structure as well as relationship between the lines and families of ژH were studied using blood typing and electrophoretic analysis of serum proteins. Gene frequencies are presented at six blood group (A, D, C, Q, P, K) and five protein ( Al, Es, Gc, Xk, Tf) loci. The genetic diversity within blood groups and serum proteins in ژH kept in a closed population showed that out of eleven genetic systems examined, six were polymorphic. This is especially so for the A and D, as well
as Es and Tf systems. The distribution of allele frequencies varied between the lines and families.

Keywords :
allele / blood groups / breed protection / genetic polymorphism / endangered breed / horse

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Volume 21, Number 1, - 2003

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