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Writing in the Foreign Language Classroom: The Effects of Prompts on the Iranian Learners of English

1. Soroush Bahrebar (Corresponding author); 2. Ali Mohammadi Darabad;
1. M.A graduate in TEFL PO Box 37147-53517, Tehran, Iran; 2. M.A graduate in TEFL PO Box 13518-57195, Tehran, Iran.
Abstract :
The present study intended to inspect whether different prompts (bare, vocabulary, and prose 
model) could exert different effects on the overall quality of the Iranian intermediate EFL 
learners’ writing performances or not, and in case of effect, which of the prompts was 
efficacious toward the enhancement of the participants’ overall writing quality. Forty male 
and female Iranian intermediate students learning English as a foreign language were selected 
via administering the Preliminary English Test (PET) and were each given three different 
writing prompts (bare, vocabulary, and prose model) during three consecutive weeks to write. 
The writing tasks involved the descriptive mode of discourse. Each task was presented in the 
context of a reply to an imaginary pen pal from England, Jack. A close examination of the 
results manifested the fact that the prose model elicited the best overall writing quality in the 
descriptive discourse mode when evaluated holistically. The bare prompt typically resulted in 
the poorest writing. The vocabulary prompt elicited writing samples that usually were of 
higher overall quality than those obtained with a bare prompt, but of lower quality than 
samples obtained with a prose model prompt. 
Keywords :
Prompts, Writing, Composition, Second language writing instruction

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