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International Journal of English Language Education

Inappropriate Response in Advanced EFL Conversational Exchange

Mohammad Anani
Department of English University of Petra, Amman, Jordan P.O Box 852366, Amman, Jordan
Abstract :
Advanced Arab learners of English experience difficulty in responding appropriately within a 
given situation. In a lively conversation, e.g. a business agreement over a business desk, a 
formal debate, polite requests, interviews, etc. the devices and strategies used, by and large, 
draw upon Arabic linguistic and cultural sources. As a result, the overall performance is 
adversely affected and mutual intelligibility is impeded. This study therefore focuses on 
utterances produced or reproduced by the other party (the listener) in a conversational 
The objectives of this study is to highlight the type of response an advanced Arab learner 
selects in some typical English conversational interchanges so that similarities and /or 
differences between L1 and L2 are singled out. To achieve this end, two groups of advanced 
Arab learners of English have been selected. The first represents 'fluent' speakers of English 
and the second, the non-fluent' represents students who study English for instrumental 
purposes at Petra University. 
Keywords :
inappropriate response conversational exchange L1/L2 differences

Date Deposited : 25 Apr 2014 16:04

Last Modified : 25 Apr 2014 16:04

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Volume 1, Number 3, - 2013 , ISSN 2325-0887

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