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Bahija E. Al-Behbehani* & Hussain M. A. Ebrahim
*Science Department, College of Basic Education, PAAET, Kuwait 2-College of Health Sciences, PAAET, Kuwait
Abstract :

Abstract: This work deals with monitoring mudskippers in their natural environment (intertidal zone) along the Kuwait Bay muddy shores in the State of Kuwait. This is to provide information is concerning the environmental factors effecting mudskipper diversity in Kuwait Bay. Kuwait Bay is a large mud-flat with a fascinating associated fauna of mud-skippers and crabs provide rewarding feeding-grounds for many birds. A number of fifty mudskipper samples are collected during the hot summer season (July and August) of the year 2009 and examined for parasites and to evaluate the different environmental factors controlling the biodiversity in this marine environment. The results of the present study indicate the abundance of the mudskippers allover the intertidal mud flat of the Bay and the total absence of either external and/or internal parasites in the mudskipper tissues and organs. Mudskippers are
found to be completely amphibious fish that are adapted to live in the intertidal environment. Mudskippers are very active when they are outside the water, feeding and interacting with one another. The mud in the Kuwait Bay environment is very good for burrowing in, since the particles are very sticky, unlike sand. Often, the mudskipper form mixed colonies with digging crabs (Fiddler crabs-Caidae). Specific physiological and behavioural changes in bioindicators are used to detect changes in environmental health, so Mudskippers can be considered as bioindicators of marine pollution in Kuwait Bay, this needs further studies. [Nature and Science. 2010;8(5):79-89]. (ISSN: 1545- 0740).

Keywords :
Mudskippers, Intertidal Zone, Kuwait Bay

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Volume 8, Number 5, May 2010 , ISSN 1545-0740

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