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Functional-Food Supplementation and Health of Broilers

Hussein A. Kaoud
Dept. of VeterinaryHygiene, Environmental Pollution andManagement, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Cairo University, Giza, Egypt. Postal Code: 1221, Fax: 202-5725240 Email:
Abstract :

Abstract: This study was conducted to evaluate the effect of a probiotic mixture and chromium as food supplementation on broiler chicks’ performance. The experiment was conducted, to determine the effect of a probiotic mixture (BiovetYC) and chromium chloride supplementation on growth performance, carcass traits and immune response against Avian Influenza virus from 0- to 42-d-old broiler chicks as well as to determine the anti -stress effect of the dietary probiotic mixture and chromium chloride supplementation on broiler chicks (0-42days old) when subjected to high stocking density (15 birds/m2 in open-system) as a stress factor. Growth performance, carcass traits and Avian Influenza immune response were recorded.
At 42-d of age, 50 birds were randomly selected from each group for blood samples collection and slaughtered for carcass traits. Stress indicators in blood (cortisol and L/H ratio) were measured. The current results revealed: (1) The activation effect of the probiotic mixture on growth performance (2) Chromium chloride supplementation improves growth performance, carcass traits, and immune response and had a strong anti -stress effect. [Nature and Science 2010;8(5):181-189]. (ISSN: 1545-0740).

Keywords :
Functional food; Performance; Immune response.

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Volume 8, Number 5, May 2010 , ISSN 1545-0740

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