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International Journal of Poultry Science

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Influence of Dietary Supplementation with Complexed Zinc on Meat Quality and Shelf Life of Broilers

B. Saenmahayak, M. Singh, S.F. Bilgili and J.B. Hess
Auburn University, Auburn, AL 36849-5416, USA
Abstract :

Influence of complexed zinc supplementation on growth performance and meat quality of broiler chickens were assessed at 49 d of age. A total of 960 male broilers were assigned to four dietary treatments: negative control (C), positive control (C + IZn; 40 ppm ZnSO4), C + 40 ppm complexed Zn (C + OZn) and C + IZn + 40 ppm complexed Zn added to the positive control (C + IZn + OZn). Each treatment feed was provided in a three-stage feeding program. No differences (p>0.05) were observed in the body weight, feed conversion, carcass and component yields due to any of the dietary treatments. However, drip loss was significantly (p<0.05) increased in fillets from birds fed organic trace minerals when measured at 24 h post deboning. Overall, fillet color (L*, a* and b* measurements) did not differ significantly (p>0.05) but after 28 d of storage, fillets from birds with high levels of zinc showed increased (p<0.05) redness (a* value). Breast fillet quality and microbial profile over a 28 d storage period under refrigeration (4oC) were not different (p>0.05) due to any of the dietary treatments.

Keywords :
Zinc supplementation, dietary treatments, storage period

Date Deposited : 26 Feb 2015 11:39

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Volume 11, Number 1, - 2012 , ISSN 1682-8356

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