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Effect of Enzymatic Treatment of Saudi Date Pits on Performance of Single Comb White Leghorn Hens and the Fatty Acid Profile of Their Eggs

Huthail Najib and Yousef M. Al-Yousef
Department of Animal and Fish Production, College of Agricultural Sciences and Food, King Faisal University, Hofuf, Saudi Arabia
Abstract :

Date pits can be considered one of the un-traditional feed for layers. These pits contain high level of linoleic and oleic acids, unsaturated fatty acids, essential for human health. Pits also contain high level of fiber (13-18%). This nutrient is difficult to digests by the birds and need to be broken down. Specific enzymes can be used to break the cellulose to improve the nutritional value of the pits. As a result, energy may be released and utilized by the birds. Having this in mind, an experiment was conducted using 4 levels of ground date pits; 0, 5, 10 and 15% with or without added enzymes and studied the effect on performance of the birds and the fatty acids content of the egg. The experiment was lasted for 12 to 2 week periods. The results of the chemical analysis showed that date fats contain high percentage of Oleic Acid which may have contributed to higher level of this fat in egg yolk of birds treated with date pits. Performance criteria results provided evidence that 10% date pits can be included in the layer diet if enzymes are present without adverse effect.

Keywords :
Date pits, hens performance, enzymes, fatty acids

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Volume 11, Number 10, - 2012 , ISSN 1682-8356

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