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Influence of Exogenous Microbial Enzyme Supplements in Layer Breeder Diets Containing Cassava Pulp

N. Chauynarong and P.A. Iji
Faculty of Agricultural Technology, Burapha University, Sakaeo 27160, Thailand 1 School of Environmental and Rural Science, University of New England, Armidale NS W 2351, Australia
Abstract :

An experiment was conducted to examine the benefits of using cassava pulp in layer breeder diet. Six hundred and eight female and sixty four male Hisex Layer Breeders at 22 weeks of age were distributed into four different diets (a Control, Control+enzyme, Cassava pulp and Cassava pulp+enzyme). Inclusion of 10% cassava pulp and exogenous enzyme (Catazyme-P®) did not significantly affect egg production during the period of assessment (23-37 weeks of age). There were no apparent effects of treatment diet on egg quality, except yolk color score which tended to decrease when cassava pulp was added into the diet. Cassava pulp and enzyme supplementation did not significantly affect fertility and hatchability. However, enzyme supplementation marginally improved the hatchability of fertile eggs. From the results of this experiment, cassava pulp can be included at 10% in diets for breeding layer chickens.

Keywords :
Cassava pulp, enzyme, layers

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Volume 12, Number 4, - 2013 , ISSN 1682-8356

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