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Effect of Sulfanomides Residues on Egg Quality Traits

Huwaida E.E. Malik, Julnar E. Omer and Khalid M. Elamin
International Journal of Poultry Science 12 (5): 312-317, 2013ISSN 1682-8356© Asian Network for Scientific Information, 2013Corresponding Author:KhalidMohammed Elamin, Department of Animal Breeding, Faculty of Animal Production, University of Gezira,Gezira, Sudan312Effect of Sulfanomides Residues on Egg Quality TraitsHuwaida E.E.Malik , Julnar E. Omerand Khalid M. Elamin
Abstract :

This study was conducted to detect the effects of Sulfanomide drug on table egg quality and to determine the withdrawal time after which eggs are save for human consumption. Sulfanomide (Coccidiofan) was administrated to 36 layer hens, at a dose of 1g/liter in the drinking water for three 3 consecutive days . Traits studied were egg quality traits and the presence of drug residues. Results showed that treatments were significantly (P<0.05) different in Egg shell weight and Eggshell thickness, estimates were 6.61±0.10, 6.61±0.10 and 7.09±0.23 for the first trait and 0.22±0.01, 0.26±0.012 and 0.28±0.012 for the second trait in the control, treated and withdrawal groups respectively. For internal egg traits, yolk height, Yolk width and Yolk index were significantly (P<0.05) affected. The control group recorded 16.02±0.37, 34.79±0.28 and 46.19±1.30 for the three traits, treated group estimated 15.64±0.19, 38.11±0.30 and 39.69±0.55 while the group in the withdrawal period recorded 15.10±0.21, 39.69±0.55 and 42.47±0.62 respectively. The percentages of mottled, blood spotted, misshaped and rough shelled eggs were high in the layers in the withdrawal period compared to layers in the control group which reported 0.0% for all traits and layers in treated group which recorded lower percentages than those in the withdrawal period. Results also showed that the drug residues appeared in eggs in second day and third of treatment at 1.80 level and the level increased to 2.22 in the first and second day of the withdrawal period then decreased at increasing rate to reach 0.22 on the fifth day of the withdrawal period. So it is better to avoid eggs consumption during treatment and withdrawal periods.

Keywords :
Blood spots, furazolidone, shell, yolk mottling

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Volume 12, Number 5, - 2015 , ISSN 1682-8356

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