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International Journal of Poultry Science

.: Home > International Journal of Poultry Science > 2013 > Volume 12 Number 7 > A.A. Annongu, J.K. Joseph, D.F. Apata, A.O. Adeyina, R.M.O. Kayode, A.H.A. Badmos and V. Awopetu

Glycine and Riboflavin Detoxification of Ackee Apple Seeds (Blighia sapida): Effects on Blood, Git and Organ Development in Broilers

A.A. Annongu, J.K. Joseph, D.F. Apata, A.O. Adeyina, R.M.O. Kayode, A.H.A. Badmos and V. Awopetu
Division of Nutritional Biochemistry and Physiology, 1 Department of Food Science and Home Economics, Animal Production Laboratories, 2 3 Faculty of Agriculture, P.M.B. 1515, University of Ilorin, Ilorin, Nigeria
Abstract :

Ackee Apple Seeds (AAS) subjected to chemical detoxification with glycine and riboflavin at 5% coupled with traditional treatments of soaking and boiling to leach out some soluble AAS toxins, hypoglycin A and B, was evaluated for nutritional adequacy using day chicks (DOC). Six iso-caloric and nitrogenous diets were prepared with graded levels of 2.5, 5.0, 7.5, 10.0 and 12.5% AAS meal in rations 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 respectively. The diets including a corn-soybeans control diet were fed ad libitum to 144-DOC in a 4-week feeding trial. Results showed that the test feedstuff improved blood composition (PCV, WBC). The non- significant difference recorded on lengths of GIT parts including ileum and duodenum relative to the reference diet suggest the similarity of the test diets with the conventional diet (p>0.05). Differences observed on absolute and relative organ weights (AOW and ROW) supported the result on performance which gave significant increase in body weight gain (p<0.05). Results on hematology, GIT, AOW and ROW following detoxified AAS meal ingestion suggest that the methods offer great potential for effective detoxification of Ackee apple seeds.

Keywords :
Ackee apple seeds, glycine, riboflavin

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Volume 12, Number 7, - 2013 , ISSN 1682-8356

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