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International Journal of Poultry Science

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Increased Egg Production of Japanese Quail (Cortunix japonica) by Improving Liver Function Through Turmeric Powder Supplementation

Tyas Rini Saraswati, Wasmen Manalu, Damiana Rita Ekastuti and Nastiti Kusumorini
Department of Biology, Faculty of Science and Mathematic, Diponegoro University, 1 Tembalang Campus, Semarang 50275, Semarang, Indonesia Department of Anatomy, Physiology and Pharmacology, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, 2 Bogor Agricultural University, IPB Campus, Darmaga, Bogor 16680, Bogor, Indonesia
Abstract :

An experiment was conducted to study the effects of period of turmeric powder supplementation and ration quality on egg production in quails. One hundred and fifty female quails were assigned into a completely randomized design with a 2 x 5 factorial arrangement. The first factor was ration quality consisted of two levels i.e., ration with high carbohydrate (standard protein) and ration with high protein (standard carbohydrate) contents. The second factor was a period of turmeric supplementation (at a dosage of 54 mg/quail/day) consisted of 5 levels i.e. (1) Without turmeric supplementation (control) (2) 30 days at the age of 14 to 44 days (3) 30 days at the age of 45-75 days (4) 30 days at the age of 7-8 months and (5) 8.5 months at the age of 14 days to 9 months. Each experimental unit consisted of 15 quails. Parameters measured were feed and water consumptions, total number of egg production, follicle hierarchy, liver functions, oviduct weight and length and blood metabolites. The results showed that quails supplemented with turmeric for 30 days prior to sexual maturity and for 8.5 months started before sexual maturity gave the highest egg production (20 and 17%, respectively), liver function, vitellogenin secretion, follicle development and blood metabolites. Ration with high carbohydrate with standard protein content gave the best egg production, liver function and blood metabolites. It was concluded that improvement of liver functions could increase total egg production by increasing yolk precursors synthesis and their depositions in the developing follicles.

Keywords :
Tur meric powder, egg production, liver functions, follicle hierarchy, blood metabolite, Japanes e quail

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Volume 12, Number 10, - 2013 , ISSN 1682-8356

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