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International Journal of Poultry Science

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Meat Traits of Muscovy Ducks Fed on Phytonutrition Meal

Muhamad Ali, Sukirno, Muhamad Hasil Tamzil and Muhamad Ichsan
Laboratory of Animal Product Processing Technology, 2 Laboratory of Poultry, Faculty of Animal Sciences, 3 University of Mataram, Jl Majapahit No. 62, Mataram-83125, Indonesia
Abstract :

Animal products with high fat content are generally correlated with several human diseases including coronary heart disease, hypertension and arteriosclerosis. However, some unsaturated fatty acids are considered to have pivotal role in human health. As a consequence, many studies were conducted to reduce fat and increase some unsaturated fatty acid content in animal products. This study investigated the use of phytonutrition (duckweed) as feed ingredient on fat and fatty acids composition of Muscovy duck (Cairina moschata domestica L.) meat. Results showed that the use of 1% duckweed significantly increased the linoleic acid content of carcass while reducing the fat level. This result might suggest that duckweed can be used as an alternative feed ingredient to produce a healthy poultry meat.

Keywords :
Muscovy duck ( Cairina moschata domestica L.), phytonutrition, duckweed, fats, unsaturated fatty acids, linoleic acids

Date Deposited : 20 Mar 2015 15:16

Last Modified : 20 Mar 2015 15:16

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Volume 13, Number 4, - 2014 , ISSN 1682-8356

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