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International Journal of Poultry Science

Effect of Protein: Lysine Ratio on Energy and Nitrogen Metabolism in Broiler Chickens

Ji-Hyuk Kim
Poultry Science Division, National Institute of Animal Science, Cheonan 331-808, Republic of Korea
Abstract :

The present study was performed to test the assumption that imbalanced dietary amino acid mixtures must lead to increased heat production (HP). The experiment was based on diets formulated to have a wide range of crude protein (CP) concentrations but a fixed concentration of lysine, formulated to be the first-limiting amino acid. 21 d old male broiler chicks (n = 50) were divided in to 5 groups of 5 replicates with 2 bird in each. Five dietary treatments with CP levels of 18, 21, 24, 27 and 30% and with a constant lysine level (1.1%) were formulated. Feed intake, water intake and body-weight gain were measured and heat production were recorded by using indirect calorimetry system. There was no significant effect of varying CP concentration on feed intake. However, CP concentration had a significant effect on the water intake (p<0.01). With constant lysine and varying CP, there was a 75% increase in N intake as CP concentration increased. This led to a 150% increase in N excretion, with no significant change in HP. Simulated HP agreed with the empirically determined results in not showing a trend with dietary CP rather correlated with the first limiting amino acid intake.

Keywords :
Crude protein, lysine, heat production, nitrogen retention, broiler

Date Deposited : 24 Mar 2015 10:39

Last Modified : 24 Mar 2015 10:39

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Volume 13, Number 7, - 2014 , ISSN 1682-8356

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