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International Journal of Poultry Science

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Effect of Hen Age, Storage Duration and Temperature on Egg Quality in Laying Hens

Sung Heon Chung and Kyung-Woo Lee
Department of Animal Science and Technology, College of Animal Bioscience and Technology, Konkuk University, 120 Neungdong-Ro, Gwangjin-Gu, Seoul-143-701, South Korea
Abstract :

Eggs from two age flocks (40 and 60 wk old laying hens) in a commercial layer operation were sampled immediately after lay and used them for egg quality after periods of storage of 7, 14, 21 and 28 days at room temperature or in a refrigerator. Freshly-laid eggs from two age groups did not differ in egg weight, Haugh unit, albumen pH, albumen and yolk weights and eggshell thickness. Upon incubation at different temperature and duration of storage, age of hen did not affect egg weight loss or Haugh unit, but effected on yolk and albumen weights. Increase in storage temperature accelerated egg weight loss and reduction in albumen weight, but decreased Haugh unit and the pH of albumen. As the storage duration increased, egg weight loss, albumen pH and yolk weight were increased, but Haugh unit was lowered. Interaction between temperature and storage duration was noticed in egg weight loss, Haugh unit and albumen pH. Age of hens did not interact with either temperature or storage duration in egg quality parameters measured. It is concluded that egg quality is more affected by temperature or storage duration, but not by hen age. As the age of hens is an important contributing factor to egg quality, further study is needed to clarify no clear effect of hen age on egg quality emerged from in this study.

Keywords :
Egg quality, storage, temperature, age, laying hens

Date Deposited : 24 Mar 2015 13:29

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Volume 13, Number 11, - 2014 , ISSN 1682-8356

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