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International Journal of Law and Management

Imperfect work conditions in Bangladesh RMG sector

Vishal Sharma
(University Business School, Himachal Pradesh University, Shimla, India)
Abstract :
– The purpose of this paper is to reflect on the effectiveness of labour law in Bangladesh and provide suggestions to improve working conditions in the country.
– The article provides an analysis of the factual impact of labour law in Bangladesh.
– The study reveals the appalling condition in the ready-made garment industry. The factory owners tend to bend the laws and exploit the workers.
– The paper offers some suggestions to improve the working conditions of the workers in the garment industry of Bangladesh.
Keywords :
Bangladesh, Garment industry, Labour law

Date Deposited : 28 Mar 2015 10:26

Last Modified : 28 Mar 2015 10:57

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Volume 57, Number 1, - 2015 , ISSN 1754-243X

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