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Lipid profile of intramuscular fat in lamb meat

Bronislaw Borys
National Research Institute of Animal Production, Experimental Station KoĊ‚udaWielka, 88-160 Janikowo, Poland
Abstract :
Lipid profile of intramuscular fat (IMF) from
muscle of lambs was examined in relation
to the intensity of fattening system, animals’ final body weight and sex. Conducted were two repeations
of fattening (2 x 32 lambs) each based on intensive (IN, 16 lambs)
semi-intensive (SIN, 16 lambs)
feeding system, continued up to lower
. higher slaughter weight, and with reference to sex. Owing
to a higher content of C18:0 and polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFA) the IMF of IN lambs showed
more favourable lipid profile than that of SIN animals. More favourable FA profile was recorded of
the IMF from the lambs fattened to lower weight categories in comparison to those fattened to higher
categories of weight (higher PUFA content). When fattening the rams to higher body weight than the
ewes, it was found that their IMF was distinguished by more favourable parameters of health quality
(more C18:0 and PUFA). The system of fattening, final weight category and sex did not differentiate
CLA and cholesterol content of the IMF examined. The IMF had distinctly more favourable fatty acid
profile as compared to the non-tissue depot fats,
external and intermuscular. In the studies on the
improvement of health quality of meat, the optimization of the participation of the particular types of
fat tissue in culinary cuts of the carcass should be considered.
Keywords :
cholesterol / CLA / fattening / fatty acid profile / intramuscular fat / lamb / meat

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Volume 30, Number 1, - 2012

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