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The effect of the diet supplementation with linseed and rapeseed on the physico-chemical and sensory characteristics of ostrich meat

Ewa Poławska
olish Academy of Sciences Institute of Genetics and Animal Breeding, Jastrzębiec, 05-552 Magdalenka, Poland
Abstract :
The aim of the study was to evaluate the effect of the dietary linseed and rapeseed supplements on
the physico-chemical and sensory properties of ostrich meat. The experiment was carried out on
forty growing ostriches raised in five groups (control and with 4 and 8% linseed and 5 and 10%
rapeseed of the diet). The diet with rapeseed did not affect the physico-chemical properties of meat,
while 4% linseed in a diet had positive influence on flavour (P<0.001) and cooking loss (P<0.05),
that are important from the consumer point of view. Higher amounts of linseed (8%) in the diet
caused changes in pH24 and increasing fat content in meat.
Keywords :
linseed / meat /ostrich /rapeseed

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Volume 30, Number 1, - 2012

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