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Effects of GnRH agonist on reproductive functions of female rabbits

Suocheng Wei
Life Science and Engineering College, Northwest University for Nationalities, Lanzhou 730030, China
Abstract :
The physiological efficiency and mechanisms of action were studied of gonadotropin releasing
hormone analogue (GnRH-A) on the reproductive functions of rabbits. Twenty-four female rabbits
Oryctolagus cuniculus
) were randomly divided into four groups. Group EG-1,
EG-2 and EG-
3 were subcutaneously injected with 1.0 mL GnRH-A antigen at 100 μg/mL, 100 μg/mL and 50
μg/mL. EG-2 and EG-3 were re-injected on day 20. CG was a control group. Ovary and uterus
samples in each animal were collected aseptically on day 70. The tissue slices were observed under
optical and electron microscopy. Serum FSH and LH concentrations were detected using ELISA.
GnRHR, FSH-β and LH-β genes were assayed with real time PCR. OCT, PFV, PFT, EET and UWT
were measured with Motic system. The results showed that FSH and LH concentrations in EG-2
and EG-3 reached the peak on day 40. EG-2 was higher than EG-1 and CG (
<0.01) and EG-3
<0.05). GnRHR in EG-3 was higher than that in EG-1 and EG-2 (
<0.05). FSH-β in EG-1 and
EG-3 were lower than that in EG-2. Meanwhile, LH-β in EG-3 was less than in EG-1 and EG-2.
The homologies of GnRHR, FSH-β and LH-β sequences were 98%, 100% and 94% respectively,
with those reported in National Center of Biotechnology Information (NCBI). OCT in EG-1 and
EG-3 thickened with a maxium in EG-3. PFV, PFT, EET and UWT in EGs were larger than that
in CG (
<0.05) Primary and secondary follicles in EGs increased and growed quickly. Nucleolus
and mitochondria in EGs were enlarged.
Zona pellucida
of the oocytes broadened
and lengthened. In conclusion, GnRH-A could increase synthesis and secretion of FSH and LH, and
promote the development of ovary and follicles.
Keywords :
gonadotropin releasing hormone / GnRH receptor / follicle-stimulating hormone / luteinizing hormone /gene expr ession / histostructure /female rabbit

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Volume 30, Number 1, - 2012

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