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A novel pig gene, CPNE1 , differentially expressed in the muscle tissues from Wujin pigs and Large White pigs

Pu Shifei
Department of Animal Husbandry and Veterinary, Yunnan Vocational and Technical College of Agriculture, Kunming 650212, China
Abstract :
The mRNA differential display technique was performed to investigate gene expression differences
in the
longissimus dorsi
muscle from Wujin and Large White pigs. A fragment of one differentially
expressed gene was isolated and sequenced. A complete cDNA sequence of the gene was obtained
using the rapid amplification of cDNA ends (RACE) method. The open reading frame of this gene
encodes a protein of 537 amino acids, which is homologous with the Copine I (
) of eight
species: greater horseshoe bat (95%), mouse (92% ), rat (93%), cattle (95%), sheep (95%), rabbit
(94%), human (95%) and dog (94%). This newly identified gene was respectively defined as the
gene and had been assigned GeneID: 100233174. The phylogenetic analysis revealed
that the swine
gene has a closer genetic relationship with the
gene of a dog. The
tissue expression analysis indicated that the swine
gene has a broad tissue distribution. The
experiment described is the first to establish the primary foundation for further research on the
Keywords :
PN1 / differential display / muscle / mRNA / pig

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Volume 30, Number 2, - 2012

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