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Haematological indices, size of erythrocytes and haemoglobin saturation in broiler chickens kept in commercial conditions

Sebastian Nowaczewski, Helena Kontecka
Department of Poultry Science, Poznań University of Life Sciences Witosa 45, 61-693 Poznań, Poland
Abstract :
The study aimed at analysing and comparing haematological indices, blood saturation and
dimensions of red blood cells of Ross 308 broiler chickens of both sexes. On day 44 of rearing, blood
was withdrawn once from 60 randomly selected chickens (1:1 sex ratio). Prior to blood withdrawal
the chickens were weighed and their heart rate and haemoglobin saturation
were assessed. The
following blood parameters were determined: number of RBC and WBC, HGB content and HCT
value. In addition, MCV, MCH and MCHC indices were calculated as well as the content (%) of
individual leukocyte forms. Measured was also the length, width and circumference of erythrocytes.
The measured heart rate (sexes pooled) ranged from 179 to 438 beats/min. Females had significantly
higher (by 26.2 beats/min.) value of this trait in comparison with males. Blood of birds of both sexes
was characterized by similar haemoglobin saturation (87%). MCV value in males was found by
3.35 fl higher than that in females. Eosinophiles content of blood was by 1.77 percent units higher in
females which were also characterised by smaller and more elongated red blood cells. A significant
positive relationship was also found between leukocyte and erythrocyte numbers, haemoglobin
content and haematocrit value. Negative values of phenotype correlation coefficient were found
between MCHC and erythrocyte number, haemoglobin content and haematocrit value. A lower
MCV value and higher content of eosinophils of blood were identified in females which were also
characterized by smaller and more elongated erythrocytes.
Keywords :
roiler chickens / haematological indicators / erythrocyte size / haemoglobin saturation

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Volume 30, Number 2, - 2012

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