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Polymorphism and structure of exon 2 of caprine melatonin receptor 1b gene and its relations to fertility and seasonal estrus

Lihua Jia
Key Laboratory of Farm Animal Genetic Resources and Utilization of the Ministry of Agriculture, Institute of Animal Science, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Beijing 100193, China
Abstract :
The first description is presented of nucleotide sequence of exon 2 of caprine melatonin receptor 1b
(MT2). No polymorphisms of
gene were detected between high fertility and year-round estrous
goat breeds and low fertility and seasonal estrous goat breeds. It is likely
that exon 2 of
is not associated with fertility or reproductive seasonality in goat breeds. The nucleotide sequence
of exon 2 of
gene of Jining Grey goats shows much closer phylogenetic relation to the
sheep (97%) and cattle (94%) than to that of pig (84%), human (80%) and mouse (74%). A rather
high nucleotide identity (62-64%) with the melatonin receptor 1a (MT1) of goat, sheep, human and
mouse was also found. The caprine
contains the same NAXXY motif in transmembrane 7 as
the other melatonin receptors. Both DRY and CYVCR motifs were detected just downstream from
its third transmembrane domain (the same as in sheep and cattle) rather than NRY and CYICH
found in other melatonin receptor groups.
Keywords :
ene / goat / melatonin receptor 1b gene / polymorphism / structure

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Volume 30, Number 2, - 2012

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