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Seasonal variation in fatty acid composition of cow milk in relation to the feeding system

Jan Frelich
Faculty of Agriculture, University of South Bohemia České Budějovice, Studentská 13, CZ - 370 05, České Budĕjovice, Czech Republic
Abstract :
The fatty acid (FA) composition of bulk milk fat was examined on three dairy farms applying the
seasonal pasture and on two farms applying the permanently indoor silage feeding. The seasonal
variation in the content of major FAs was investigated in relation to the effect of farm in each
feeding system separately. Six samples in winter period and four samples in summer period were
taken on each farm. In the grazing herds, the seasonal changes were found in FAs forming 90 g/100 g
total FAs on average (P<0.05), generally without interactions with farm effect (P>0.05). Only several
FAs, forming 14 g/100 g total FAs on average, were influenced by the season effect in the indoor
herds (P<0.05). The seasonal increase in unsaturated FAs against the saturated FAs and omega-3
against omega-6 polyunsaturated FA indicated that the milk yielded in summer was more beneficial
to consumers’ health than that yielded in winter. No significant differences in these indicators of
healthy milk were found compared to the milk yielded by herds kept indoors (P>0.05). The milk
produced by grazing cows may be positively evaluated by consumers.
Keywords :
CLA / dairy cows / fatty acids / feeding system / milk / pasture

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Volume 30, Number 3, - 2012

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