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cDNA cloning and expression analysis of ATGL gene in four avian species

Xiaomei HE
ATGL gene / bengaless-finch / cDNA / chinese francolin / expression / house sparrow / pigeon
Abstract :
Adipose triglyceride
lipase (ATGL) is a new key
triglyceride-specific lipase that
participates in the
lipolysis in adipose tissue
full cDNA of
gene in
Chinese francolin, pigeon, bengaless-
finch and house sparrow was cloned to reveal its tissue-specific expression by mRNA real time
analysis. The obtained cDNA of chinese francolin
gene (
) was 1465 bp long, and
contained 13 bp 5’-untranslated region (5’UTR) and 1452 bp open reading frame (ORF) encoding
a 483-amino acid peptide. All the obtained cDNA of pigeon
gene (
), as well as that
of bengaless-finch (
) and house sparrow (
) was 1459 bp long, including 13 bp
5’UTR and 1446 bp ORF encoding 481 amino acids. The identities of
gene among these birds
occurred no less than 88.4% by homology analysis. As indicated by mRNA real time analysis in
Chinese francolin tissues,
gene was predominantly expressed in leg muscle, heart and breast
muscles of birds of both sexes. In pigeons,
gene was shown to be predominantly expressed in
abdominal fat, subcutaneous fat and breast muscle in males, and in subcutaneous fat, leg muscle,
heart and abdominal fat in females. In bengaless-finch, very high
mRNA level was found in
subcutaneous, heart, breast muscle, abdominal and leg muscle fat in males, and in breast muscle,
leg muscle, abdominal and subcutaneous fat in females. In house sparrow, higher
mRNA level
was detected in subcutaneous, breast muscle, leg muscle and abdominal fat in males, and in breast
muscle, heart and leg muscle fat in females. In conclusion, the
cDNA of Chinese francolin,
pigeon, bengaless-finch and house sparrow was obtained and predominantly expressed in adipose,
muscle and heart tissues.
Keywords :
ATGL gene / bengaless-finch / cDNA / chinese francolin / expression / house sparrow / pigeon

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Volume 30, Number 3, - 2012

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