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Forming of temperature-humidity index (THI) and milk production of cows in the free-stall barn during the period of summer heat

Piotr Herbut**, Sabina Angrecka
Department of Rural Building, University of Agriculture, 30-059 Cracov, Al. Mickiewicza 24/28, Poland
Abstract :
Evaluated were changes of temperature and relative air humidity inside a free-stall barn affecting
the welfare of cows of three technological groups during a hot summer. The effects of selected
microclimate parameters of the barn have been assessed based on the THI (temperature-humidity
index) in relation to milk production. The research revealed that the animals suffered from thermal
stress which resulted in decreased milk production in particular groups. The paper presents
information about percentage values of this decrease and time needed to regain the original state. It
also points out the need to determine THI not only for the entire barn but also for its various zones
occupied by particular technological groups of cows with different levels of milk production. The
authors highlight that the THI index is quite a useful tool for predicting thermal stress in particular
sections of the barn. Yet, it is necessary to improve the methodology of THI calculation in order to
include more microclimate elements, mainly air movement.
Keywords :
ir humidity / air temperature /cattle / free-stall barn / dairy cows / milk production / THI index

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Volume 30, Number 4, - 2012

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