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Estrogen receptor α (ER-α) gene and bovine performance: is there any relation?

Azadeh Zahmatkesh
Department of Animal Science, College of Agriculture, Isfahan University of Technology, Isfahan, 84156-83111, Iran
Abstract :
The objective of the study was to investigate
gene polymorphism (A/G transition) in 5′ region
in consensus promoter for exon C, determine its allelic and genotypic frequencies and assess its
association with cattle performance. Genomic DNA was extracted from 200 dairy Holstein cows in
four farms in Isfahan province of Iran and the individuals were genotyped by PCR-RFLP technique.
The DNA fragments were PCR-amplified and then digested with
I endonuclease. Restriction
fragments with 245 bp represented allele A and those with 168 bp and 77 bp indicated allele G.
Allelic frequencies were 0.0742 and 0.9257, respectively for allele A and G, and the total distribution
of AA, AG and GG genotypes was 0.010, 0.129 and 0.861, respectively. The population was in Hardy-
Weinberg equilibrium. Using SAS software (Proc GLM), the effect of
gene polymorphism on
cows’ reproduction traits and calves’ birth weight was investigated, but no significant relation was
found. So it could be concluded that this SNP has no effect on traits under study and also is not in
a linkage disequilibrium
with other mutations affecting the reproduction traits or birth weight of
Keywords :
birth weight / cattle / estrogen receptor alpha / gene polymorphism / reproduction traits

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Volume 30, Number 4, - 2012

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